3/11/17 Francis Howell North

If your unit did not pre-order your digital gallery and would like to have watermarks removed and enable downloading for all your members – you can still order at the post-event price of $40. Watermarks will be removed within hours (in many cases – almost immediately!) of your order. Once removed, they will continue to be freely downloadable forever!

Digital Galleries are $40 after the day of the event.

Photographer: Tom Barcroft

Pre-ordered Galleries:

  1. Eureka
  2. Washington A
  3. Washington Open
  4. Avidity
  5. Ft. Zumwalt West- Silver
  6. Ft.Zumwalt West- Purple
  7. St. Francis Borgia
  8. Fox HS
  9. Centralia HS
  10. Wentzville Holt