WGI St Louis Percussion Regional

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Announcing our first WGI Regional assignment in 2017!

We’re a little different than other action photography studios in that we offer not only gorgeous, high quality prints, but also the opportunity to make your unit’s entire performance gallery WATERMARK FREE and DOWNLOADABLE for all your members from the moment your pictures are published! There are no restrictions on your use of the digital images – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your unit’s website, your school’s yearbook editor, your personal scrapbook, end-of-year banquets – you can have ALL of your images for a single, super-low price of $50. We will have 2 photographers who will each switch places between prelims & finals for different perspectives. One will shoot from above  in order to shoot past the front ensemble, and one will shoot approximately floor or eye level, possibly from a side angle to maximize the moving percussion members. We’ll do our best to capture every member!

Units that have purchased Prelims may add Finals for $25.
Finals may be ordered independently of Prelims for full price.

 WGI St. Louis Percussion REGIONAL

Pre-order has expired

$50 FINALS (Only Finals without purchasing Prelims)

$25 FINALS (if prelims were purchased, add Finals for $25)